For News and Updates concerning ..::Loving Gor::..


Two New Silk/Camisk outfits!!!!!!

All new from ..::Loving Gor::.. The RagTag and Krisa silks lines:

RagTag is designed to look “thrown together” a simple style that any slave could proudly RP having made herself with scraps of some discarded fabric.  The wrist and ankle cuffs are LockMeister scripted so you’ll always be prepared for punishments if necessary and won’t have to risk your Master getting even more upset with waiting as you dig through inventory for cuffs!

And don’t forget the Krisa silk/camisk/tunic (that’s right, even I don’t know what to call it and I made it!)

Braided leather details and a one shoulder “peekaboo” look make this a stunning outfit.  I can’t stop wearing it!  This, too, comes with LockMeister scripts and you’re going to love the fourteen different color options (seven colors with your choice of dark or light accessories!)!


!!!!New Living Room Set!!!!

Come check out the Regal Living Room Set!

Shown: Grey, Green, Blue. Also Available in Red and Brown

Couch, Loveseat, Chair available in five colors!  40 prims for all three or pick and choose which pieces you want!  Casual sits in the full couch, cuddles in the Loveseat, and M/s poses in the chair!  Something for everyone!

As always, no generator, no poseballs!  These auto sync with just a click of the menu and keep your house clutter free!


Why am I dancing???

Loving Gor has moved!  YAY!!!!!!!!!

Loving Dances on the rooftop to celebrate

..::Loving Gor::.. has moved to a full homestead.  What does that mean for you, our customer?  More space, more products out to click and try out.  You can actually view the furnishings instead of shopping from a picture.  Either with our displays or the holo vendors.

New store layout:  Furnishings on first floor, Silks on second floor.  And check back soon for fountains and outdoor furniture as well!

NEW LINES!!!!!!!!

Hurry down to the store and check out my new lines of silks!

It’s been a long time coming.  I know.  But come on down and see the results of my labor of love!  Three new styles in many colors!  And don’t forget to hit the 30L Saturday subscriber so you can catch the deals!

Also in Pink, Teal, Green, Purple, Red

Soon in Pink and Teal!

Two new lines of silks!

Introducing my two new lines “Flutterby” and “Whisper”.  Flutterby features spinning jewels for an added touch.  And whisper has long, thin arm; the perfect feature to enhance your dances!

Both are available in a variety of colors and as always, you can join the group for updates and sale notices.

Also available in Teal, Purple, Gold

Whisper Blue

Also available in Grey, Green, Orange, Pink, and Teal


Tal!  Welcome to my new site.  I’ll be doing my best to keep up to date with the latest news on my designs, sales, etc.

For now, we’ll leave it at this…I’m a new designer of kajira silks in SecondLife.  My designs are self-classified as sexy but whimsical.  I hope you stop by my store and give them a gander!

Here are some teasers for you!