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..::Loving Gor::.. Turned one year old and to celebrate, all basic camisks are just 50L through sunday!  That’s right!  any style, any color just 50L!!!!!!

Stop by the store and check it out.  (sale is inworld only)


New Camisk!

Check out my new FlowerGirl Camisk!

Available in SEVEN colors, you’re just gonna love the soft, feminine look of this one… Also available on the new Marketplace (links in the link section).  Hand drawn, NO TEMPLATES USED!  This is a 100% one of a kind outfit!

NEW RELEASE! Master Got Frisky Camisk


Hand sewn (not a template in site) this camisk has the feel of a once nice garment that your Master/Mistress destroyed in fit of lust.  Torn off one shoulder and a jagged hemline, even the belt is torn and slightly askew as they tried to tear it from your body.  Be sure to stop by and see it on our model Rage.  She’s sporting this stunning look in Pink.

100L Sneak Peek!

Here’s what’ll be up for 100L in the store tomorrow!

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store remodel!

the new building is up!  Currently in the process of terraforming the land to suit the new building.  Stop by to check it out (flying has been enabled for the time being as the teleporters are only accurate to the mall, landing zone, and demo platform)

See you at the store!

100L Wednesday 2 items 100L each!

Ok.  Tomorrow’s sale items are up for grabs!  Come check them out!

New Gorean House

A rickety shack style house.  These walls lean every which way, giving the impression this house will collapse at any moment.  Yet somehow, it stays standing!  It’s whimsical, unique, and cheap!  at 800L it’s copyable for unlimited versions!  You can even modify it if you’d like to change it up!

100L Sept 29th

100L Wednesday items below or check out the whole list here

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New Camisks!

New SweetHeart Camisks are here and just 200L each!

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And FunHouse Camisks… 200L as well!

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New Release! Calla Silks!

New Silks!

Just in time for fall, here’s a nice new silk to keep your thoughts on the beautiful flowers of spring!  Introducing the all new Calla Silks from ..::Loving Gor::..

These stunning silks have all the standards you’ve come to know in ..::Loving Gor::.. Silks.  The soft crop top (clothing layer) is slightly transparent to tease the Masters with a barely there peek at your nipples.  A cascade of calla lilies leads to the shoulder drape which tumbles down your back.  Another cluster of lilies at the waist draws their eyes to your hidden heat.  And the exposed buttocks tempts them as you walk away.  Arm and wrist cuffs are Lockmeister/lockguard scripted, of course.  So you don’t have to go digging in inventory if this adorable silk doesn’t keep you out of trouble!  The handmade feel makes them perfect for daily wear but the lilies make it suitable to use as dress silks should your Master/Mistress be invited to a Free Companioning or other such formal event.

Stop by the store to see all the color options:  White, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, Green, and Gold!